Art painting

Sun Chariot

Dimension: 72″ X 72″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Chief Artist : Kotegadde S Ravi

Executed year: 2018

Studio: Fidelitus Gallery

Sun Chariot, as the name suggests is the chariot of the Sun. It is believed that Surya is constantly moving in a single-wheeled chariot with seven horses ridden by Aruna. But the artist is portraying something beyond this stereotypical idea.
In this work of contemporary style, orange is the main color used to show the brightness and power of the sun. A vague anthropomorphic figure in the center of the image with a linga depicted in its foreground gives a spiritual touch to the artwork. The artist who expresses spiritual thoughts in most of his artworks seems to show his own unique insight leaving the conventional thinking of society.
The artist succeeds in transcending the glare and power of the sun in the artwork that he has created.
Presently placed at the main entrance of Bangalore’s Brigade Software Park, this artwork is open for public viewing and is owned by Fidelitus Corp.