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About Fidelitus Gallery

Fidelitus Gallery, is a contemporary new generation art gallery where the paintings are displayed and sold. It is located at Victoria layout which is close to MG Road, in the heart of the Bangalore City.

Established in 2014, Fidelitus Gallery contributes towards enlightening and enriching society through the medium of arts. It promotes various art forms and showcases paintings made by award winning Chief Artist, Ravi Kotegadde. The display of art forms includes Realistic, Modern, Contemporary and Abstract painting works. Apart from being high in quality, the paintings are affordable and holds good value for money for the collectors as well as provides an adequate reward for the artist’s creative talent.

Painting Categories

“When the colour dries, I create different textures using different tools. After that, I calmly sit in front of the canvas and try to see what is inside the texture. It is similar to cloud watching,”
-Kotegadde Ravi

We have a collection of more than 500 paintings

Our Services

Speed Painting

On stage portrait painting of the main guest of the event which would be a pleasant surprise for the guest and the audience.


A complete 3 hrs of painting on a mount board or 2-3 days workshop on portrait painting that is made on canvas. This is an on-demad service offered.

Rent an Art

This is and exclusive service offered by Fidelitus Gallery service to rent art for any duration of time and make any space look beautiful.

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When Art Meets Social Responsibility

25% of your purchase value given to Shilpa Foundation for educating underprivileged children

“Na Chora Haaryam Na Cha Raja Haaryam,
Na Bhraturbhajyam Na Cha Bhaarakaari
Vyaye Krute Vardhta Eva Nityam,
Vidyaa Dhanam Sarva Dhanam Pradhaanam.”

Which means, “ Knowledge is such that the thief cannot steel , king cannot snatch, siblings cannot ask for share, it is a never a burden  and it only increases after spending it : therefore the wealth of knowledge is the foremost of all other wealthy  possession”.

Shilpa Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization founded by Fidelitus Corp Pvt Ltd. under its CSR initiative. Core idea of the foundation is to that, contributing to the society by promoting education to the under privileged childrens. It is born with the challenging goal of making life easier for under privileged childrens of the state of Karnataka.

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