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About Fidelitus Gallery Space Renta State of the Art, Fidelitus gallery is located in the prime location of Bangalore. It is perfect for art, literature and culture related events.
It is situated in a serene ambiance with ample parking space, dotted with gardens, trees and fountains which make it an inviting place to quietly enjoy the tranquility of art.This ultra-modern space is in pristine condition. With its expansive open frontage and modern spotlights, the atmosphere is bright and inviting. The sophisticated entrance with a small breakout space gives this space an edge in hosting high-end events. Facilities include Wi-Fi, AC, washroom and security system, making this space well-equipped to host a wide range of events like art exhibition, art related film shows, book reading sessions, storytelling sessions, book launch etc.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”
-Pablo Picasso

We have a collection of more than
500 paintings