Heritage Wing is an Important Part of the Gallery as it Defines the Correlation between Art and Heritage.

Culture is manifested by the nature, of the nature, and for the nature
Culture is manifested by the nature, of the nature, and for the nature
Culture is manifested by the nature, of the nature, and for the nature

India has a rich cultural heritage that reflects a sustainable living choice in the best interest of the ecosystem. The Subcontinent has been a major conveyor of the legacy. In the time that we share we are in an interconnected world, clouds of information hovering around everyone with just a click away, yet culture’s power to reconstruct communities is lucid.

Heritage connects, teaches, and molds us, it runs in our genes- passed on from centuries, and we as a 21st-century society, are adding our bit of culture which is going to be history for the upcoming generations. Art and heritage concurrently exist. Art speaks to us about the previous practices, the ecosystem our ancestors lived in.

Heritage Wing works towards uplifting and disseminating heritage and cultural awareness through its academic courses focused on oral history, contemporary historic events, artistic movements, curatorial developments, ancient events and happenings, archaeological reflections, museum, and institutional advancements, heritage practices, the science behind the tangible and intangible rituals, as wholesomely contributing and mirroring the shared values.

The Heritage Wing performs as a platform to network veterans as well as young heritage and art scholars to work together and sever the society, discuss through research publication, lecture series, online courses, workshops, demonstrative lectures covering the happenings along with setting up new, creatively unique and practical trends in the industry.

The need of the hour has been recognized by the Heritage Wing- catering culture and heritage awareness as well as short term trainings for heritage enthusiasts.

The Heritage Wing caters wide range of services as mentioned below:

  • Interactive Curatorial Exhibition Designing
  • Braille Description Panels
  • Sign Language Story Narration
  • Inclusive Educational Programs
  • Accessibility Management
  • Research & Curation
  • Marketing & Creatives for Museums
  • Audio visual guided tour using gadgets
  • Documentation
  • Virtual Museum/Exhibition Setup